6 Principles that 10 Years Of Kung Fu Taught Me About Business

You know there are certain moments in life that change the coarse of it and generally they are one’s that come from places where you tell yourself “I just can’t go on like this I need to change” be it relationship breakups, financial loss, grief in death and so on. In my case it was dealing with a not so great ex flat-mate that was verbally and physically abusive that ended in a physical altercation between us.

So there I am walking up the wooden stairs of this inner city building to the sounds of loud shouting, clanking wood and the thuds of what I could only presume bodies hitting the floor, I began to experience the sense of what I can only describe as severe anxiety.

I had all the symptoms, the dry mouth, the racing heart and the slightly shaky hands. Only this time it was mixed with a kind of explosive energy of excitement.

The closer I got to the door the more I could smell the toughness and not to mention the sweat.

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